My Latest Trip to Dallas (11/22/13 for the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination)



Although I had a great time this past weekend in Dallas, Tx, the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination was not nearly as enjoyable as the 35th, 40th and 45th Anniversaries - for a few reasons.

The weather was a major factor: it was wet, cold and windy. In the past, on each of my trips (10 times over the past 15 years), it always seemed to be beautiful: warm, sunny and 60+ degrees.

However, even more of a major factor was the complete takeover of Dealey Plaza by the city of Dallas and the dishonest, ignorant, shameful representatives of our National Mass Media.

For the first time, police barricades were constructed, the general public was kept out, and the Lies that were told by the Warren Commission so many years ago were revived for all to hear.

Shame on all those responsible for yet another whitewash of the Truth. And the weather was probably heavens way of telling them just how repulsive they - and their Lies - are.

The COPA Conference was excellent - as usual, with many great authors and updates on the progress that is being made to combat the ignorance and/or dishonesty of the people who are determined to keep the real reasons for the Assassination of JFK a secret.

A recap of the real reasons why President Kennedy was murdered by the CIA and members of the Military Industrial Complex 50 years ago: he simply refused to "go along with the program" in the area of bombing Cuba during the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis; he had the nerve to try to end the Cold War without a military victory - by negotiating with our Communist enemies; and he initiated a withdrawal of 1,000 CIA "advisers" from Vietnam by the end of 1963 - and would have all 16,000 of them out by the end of 1965. In short, as said in the great book, "JFK and the Unspeakable" by James W. Douglass, "He chose peace" and, as a result, "They marked him for death".

To quote Buddha: "Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth".

And Gandhi: "Even if you are a minority of one, The Truth is the Truth".

Despite the ignorant and/or dishonest "celebrity experts" and CFR-influenced/brainwashed Mass Media representatives that have appeared on television and polluted our airwaves these past few weeks, the Truth will prevail!

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New James Di Eugenio Book to Read


George H. W. Bush and the CIA Connection to the JFK Assassination

6th Floor Museum Working with Dallas Police to Keep Us Out!

The E2B Website is Finally Back!






The E2B/JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary Indie Film, "Truth in Music", is now complete and ready to ship to anyone who is ready to order!

The film now contains the brand new "live" Epilogue song, "Black & White (Blind to the Light of the Truth)", a song that was written in response to Tom Hanks' decision to base his upcoming JFK Assassination film, "Parkland", on the bogus Vincent Bugliosi book, "Reclaiming History"!

Order now by emailing me at!

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My Latest Letter-to-the-Editor


My latest Letter-to-the-Editor:

Dear Editor,

In his recent Morning Call opinion piece, Jonah Goldberg dismissed Oliver Stone's book, "The Untold History of the United States", as a regurgitation of Howard Zinn's great book, "A People's History of the United States" - and that may, to some extent, be true. However, a regurgitation of Howard Zinn is always a good thing - and Stone's weekly Showtime series, "The Untold History of the United States", is simply the best thing on television. It is an excellent history lesson for everyone - and one that I look forward to watching every Monday night at 8PM.



New "LIVE" E2B Song added to the film "Truth in Music"



In response to the recent disturbing (but not surprising) news that Tom Hanks' JFK Assassination film, "Parkland", is going to be based on the Vincent Bugliosi book, "Reclaiming History", after all, I was inspired to write the lyrics and melody to a new song - and drove to my music partner, Guy (The Conspiracy) Segroves' house/studio for the first time in almost four months - and recorded/filmed a brand new live acoustic E2B song titled "Black and White (Blind to the Light of the Truth)".

We have added it to the end of our "Truth in Music" film as a new "Epilogue" bonus segment. Basically, unlike the majority of the film, which contains four music videos and five intro speaking parts, the new "Epilogue" segment includes me explaining what Mr. Hanks has decided to do, Guy playing his acoustic guitar beautifully and the two of us singing the new song "live".

I am very happy with the way it came out and, although I am constantly making slight changes (what the hell, the 50th Anniversary is still a year away and things always continue to happen/change), the very final version of "Truth in Music" may finally be completed and ready to send out for general public consumption (so to speak)!
Thank you,

Bad News: Tom Hanks' "Parkland" Will be Based On Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History"


Paul Giamatti, Billy Bob Thornton in Dallas-set ‘Parkland,’ which will shoot in … Austin

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Cars from President John F. Kennedy's motorcade are parked outside the Parkland emergency room after he was rushed to the hospital on November 22, 1963. (Joe Laird/Staff photographer)

Update at 2:26 p.m.: Julia Benaroya, a spokesperson for Exclusive Media, says this afternoon that, yes, “the production will be based out of Austin.” But she says in coming weeks, crews will begin scouting locations, and “they will be looking all over and heading to Dallas.” Doesn’t mean they’ll shoot the whole movie here; that’s unlikely, given that Austin’s the home base. “But nothing’s locked in,” says Benaroya. “Nothing’s off the table.”

Original item at 8:35 a.m.: We saw this coming way back in August, when we first heard of the project called Parkland, the Peter Landesman-written-and-directed, Tom Hanks-produced movie about the killing of John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Though it had been initially reported that the film “explores the impact the assassination had on a wide range of characters in and around Dallas on that fateful day,” we’d heard shooting would take place in Austin. At the time no one connected to the film would confirm, but city officials were concerned.

Looks like they had every right to be.

Late yesterday Exclusive Media — which optioned Vincent Bugliosi’s book Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy, the basis for the Parkland screenplay — sent out a press release announcing some of the cast: Paul Giamatti, Billy Bob Thornton and Jacki Weaver, the latter best known for her Oscar-nominated role in the Australian film Animal Kingdom. And in the release, it says, “Production is lined up for Austin, Texas, in time for a 2013 release around the time of the 50th anniversary of the tragedy.”

Reached late yesterday, a publicist at Exclusive’s L.A. HQ said that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be some filming in Dallas, perhaps even beyond the inevitable second-unit exteriors. She said she’d get back to us with more details, and left a message Tuesday night; we’ll follow up this morning. But Janis Burklund, head of the Dallas Film Commission based out of Dallas City Hall, said Tuesday evening she’s still had no discussions with execs from Exclusive Media or Playtone, Tom Hanks’ production company. Six years ago, Playtone initially optioned the Bugliosi book with the intention of turning it into a 10-part HBO series with Fort Worth native Bill Paxton, who, when he was 8, saw Kennedy speak in the parking lot of the Hotel Texas on November 22, 1963, and has the photo to prove it.

Exclusive now has a Parkland page on its website, from which we grab the poster you see here and the synopsis below, which says:

From producers Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman and writer/director Peter Landesman, PARKLAND is the true story behind a tragic day in history you thought you knew, but didn’t, and couldn’t, until now … 50 years later.

November 22nd, 1963 was a day that changed the world forever – when young American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. We follow in almost real time a handful of individuals forced to make split-second decisions after this incomprehensible event that would change their lives and forever alter our world’s landscape: the young doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital, the chief of the Dallas Secret Service, the unwitting cameraman who captured what has become the most watched and examined film in history, the FBI Agents who had gunman Lee Harvey Oswald within their grasp and Vice President Lyndon Johnson who had to take control of a country in a moment’s notice. Thrust into a scenario of unprecedented drama with unimaginable consequences, these key characters respond with shock, outrage, determination and courage. Woven together, their seemingly disparate perspectives make one of the most thrilling and powerful stories never told.

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The Latest from COPA



If you have not yet reserved rooms at the Hotel Lawrence for this year's regional meeting of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, now is the the time to do so. We have passed the regular deadline for discount rates, but the hotel is holding them open until they fill the rooms. The discount is $79/night single and $99/night double. Call the hotel at 877-396-0224 or 214-761-9090 and mention "COPA 2012".

Our meetings this year will be held at the Hotel Lawrence, 302 S. Jackson St. (off Dealey Plaza). Our annual Moment of Silence will be held on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 at 12:30 pm on the Grassy Knoll. Conference events will begin on Friday evening, November 23 and end at 1:00 pm on Sunday, November 25. We will carpool for a visit to Poague Library in Waco, Texas on Sunday afternoon. New collections there include Robert Cutler, John Armstrong and Mary Ferrell papers. The resource room will be open on Sunday.

This promises to be one of the most interesting conferences to date. In addition to a lineup of new and important speakers, there will be a round-table discussion by participants of the "10 Points of Agreement on Political Assassinations" that is currently being edited from feedback given by many prominent researchers. This document will allow us to speak with one voice to the public and the press coming into the 50th anniversary about what we now know for sure regarding the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X and others, the use of assassination as a tool of state control and what can be done in the interests of history and justice to resolve these cases and the issues that surround them. While it will not promote particular theories, it will speak to what has been released to date in the actual record and the best forensic, ballistics and medical evidence of conspiracy. The conference agenda will cover the 10 topics, with speakers opening each session and then discussion and reflection.

Our current speaker list includes:
Joan Mellen, author of A Farewell to Justice and Our Man in Haiti: George de Mohrenschildt and the CIA in the Nightmare Republic (Suspects and Accessories After the Fact)
Donald W. Miller, MD, author of "Pursuing Truth on the Kennedy Assassination" (Medical evidence)
Jefferson Morley, journalist, author of Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA (Release of records)
Robert Groden, author of The Killing of a President and The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald (Photographic evidence)
Russ Baker, journalist, author of Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last 50 Years and "" (Obstruction of Justice)
David Montague, PhD, University of Arkansas Criminal Justice professor and former Senior Investigator, JFK Assassination Records Review Board. (Release of records)
Jared Ball, PhD, author of A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable's Malcolm X (Malcolm X assassination)
Ben Rogers, Director W.R. Poague Library, Baylor University, archivist of JFK assassination materials (Assassination research)
Others to be announced

Our agenda will follow the 10 Points of Agreement outlined in the attached file. If you have not yet sent your agreement or comments on the full text, please do. A revised version of the text will be distributed at the start of the conference to participants, seeking consensus or super-majority agreement to the points and text for public and press distribution in anticipation of the 50th anniversary.

We will also be seeking a count of those who plan to attend the 50th anniversary conference next year in Dallas. We expect to have a larger conference, held at the Reunion Square Hyatt Regency Hotel that sits above Dealey Plaza, in meeting rooms above the Amtrak station on Houston Street nearby. We will try to arrange discount rates at the Hyatt ($99/night) and the Hotel Lawrence ($79/night) based on the number of people who plan to be there. If enough people are coming, we can also plan for a meal on Saturday night. The 2013 COPA conference will be held from November 22 to 24 in Dallas. We continue to negotiate with Dallas authorities to accommodate our planned Moment of Silence that year.

Below is an article by researcher Bill Kelly on the continuing efforts to release JFK assassination files that appears in his blog JFK Countercoup.

Please make your hotel reservations today so you can get the discounted rate offered by the Hotel Lawrence. Registration will be at the event on Friday. Please let me know if you are planning to attend this year. Hope to see you there and get your input. Thanks - John Judge, COPA

The fight to secure the full release of all JFK assassination related records continues, two decades since the passage of the JFK Records Act. COPA sponsored the October 8 protest at the National Archives mentioned below. Bill Kelly, co-founder of the Committee for an Open Archives, the first member organization of COPA continues to report in his JFK Countercoup blog. His online petition mentioned below now has more than 2,100 signatures and still adding more. Join his call by signing on, writing the White House, Congress and the National Archives to demand full release by the 50th anniversary in 2013.

Playing Politics with History – the Still Secret JFK Assassination Records 20 Years  after the JFK Act

JFKcountercoup: Playing Politics with History – the Still Secret JFK Assassination Records

By William E. Kelly

You may think the November 22, 1963 assassination of President Kennedy is ancient history, but as we approach the 50th anniversary of the murder of the president, there are still government administrators who actively oppose the idea of the full truth being known today.

To high level officials, some government records on the assassination are still a matter of national security and many thousands of historical records are so sensitive that they won’t allow you to read them nearly a half-century after Kennedy was killed.

Polls have consistently shown that the American public’s confidence in their government has declined steadily since the Warren Report on the assassination was issued in 1964, and 80% of the people refuse to believe its conclusion that the President was killed by a lone, deranged gunman. [See polls ]

Twenty years ago, in response to the continued decline in public confidence in government and the outcry over the sealed records, which Oliver Stone’s movie JFK had called attention to, Congress passed the JFK Act of 1992, and the President signed the act on October 26, 1992. [ ] The law created the temporary Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB), an independent agency that reviewed and released nearly five million pages of once-secret JFK assassination records.

In their Final Report [ ] the ARRB said, “Restoring public confidence in government is a difficult task under any circumstances. The Review Board took this responsibility seriously, however, and set out…to create the most complete record possible of the documentary evidence of the assassination so that in the end the American people could draw its own conclusions as to what happened and why on that fateful day in Dallas in November 1963.”

They also reflected - “Agency reviewers will note that the Republic has not collapsed under the weight of threats to national security because of Review Board actions and, perhaps, they will also note that openness is itself a good thing and that careful scrutiny of government actions can strengthen agencies and the process of government, not weaken it.”

Former Assassinations Records Review Board member Kermit Hall said at the time that it would take ten years before the JFK Act and the work of the ARRB could be adequately evaluated. [ ] Well now it has been twenty years and we know that records have been intentionally destroyed, some gone totally missing and others are being wrongfully withheld, without any enforcement or oversight of the law.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) estimates that one percent of the records still remain classified, which would mean there are still an estimated 50,000 still-secret records. Not a few, there are so many they can’t even tell you how many documents are still sealed or how many pages are being withheld, and they’re not going to count them until they are required to do so.

Just among the CIA records alone, there are over 1,000 documents identified by the ARRB that are currently locked in a sealed vault at the Archives II facility in College Park,Maryland and are scheduled to be released to the public in 2017, but are expected to remain sealed indefinitely at the request of the CIA. According to some reports, the CIAhas already identified the documents that they intend to ask the President to postpone beyond 2017.


So the Kennedy assassination isn’t ancient history, at least to high level government administrators who consider it so relevant, so significant today that these records, if released to the public, will threaten the nation’s security and the very foundations of the government. This continued secrecy flies in the face of the JFK Act, and the current policies of open government espoused by the administration today.

One of the first things President Obama did once assuming office was to declare a policy of “open government,” saying that “no record shall be withheld indefinitely.” He issued an executive order creating the National Declassification Center (NDC) to expedite the declassification and release of a backlog of over 4 million pages of documents by 2013, which according to assistant archivist Michael Kurtz, included the remaining withheld JKF assassination records.

The NDC reported that the level of public interest would determine their priorities saying, “To achieve the NDC goal of making declassified records available to the public, three factors affect how records will be prioritized: 1) High Public Interest – The NDC will use a variety of sources, including public input through a variety of social media technologies, and information about records requested in the NARA research rooms, and by the public through the Freedom of Information Act, the Presidential Records Act and Mandatory Declassification Review provisions of E.O. 135264, to determine the level of public interest…”

No other issue came close to the high level of public interest in the JFK assassination records. Including those records in the NDC effort would be consistent with the administration’s espoused policy of open government and would release the records in 2013, the 50th anniversary of the event.

At the second public hearing however, after assistant archivist Michael Kurtz had retired, the NARA announced that he “misspoke” and the remaining sealed JFK assassination records are not going to be included in the 2013 NDC declassification project. So instead of giving priority to the records with the most public interest, they decided to exclude them all together.

It would also be nice to know if Michael Kurtz, the assistant archivist with over 30 years as an archivist, who said the JFK records were included in the NDC program, was fired or forced to retire because of having “misspoke” about the disposition of the JFK records?

David Ferreiro, the Archivist, in an interview in the Boston Globe, said that NDC forum audience members who participated in the question and answer period included the UFOers on one side and the assassination buffs on the other, but no one at that hearing mentioned UFOs, and the murder of the President cannot be easily dismissed as a joke, but is a national security issue of the greatest importance.

Jim Lesar, the president of the Assassinations Archives and Research Center (AARC), then wrote a letter to the National Archivist David Ferriero, ] requesting that NARA reconsider its decision not to include the JFK assassination records in the 2013 NDC program. But he was rebuffed in a response from the chief counsel to the NARA, ] who said the CIA did not have the ability to declassify these records even though they did declassify and release all of the records scheduled for release in 2010 in 2006, exactly what they are requested to do now. So they can if they wanted to.

The clear and cold refusal by NARA to seriously consider the declassification and release of the remaining withheld JFK assassination records led to the posting of a petition at, which now has over 2,000 signatures, calling on the Archivist and the President’s chief information officer to release these records.

[See Petition link Petition | Free the JFK Files |]

At the third open public hearing of the NDC Lesar asked the CIA representative how long it would take them to declassify the remaining records once they began to do it and the answer was two months. But at this point they’re not even interested in counting how many pages there are.

Three of the six questions posed by the public at the third open NDC hearing concerned the JFK assassination records, but when the NARA posted the official videotape of the hearing, the tape freezes just as the public question and comment session begins, and it appears that the recording machine was deliberately turned off, which certainly indicates they were not even interested in preserving what the public had to say.  [JFKcountercoup: View the third NDC Open Public Forum ]

Only  after repeated requests did they release the full forum video.
[National Declassification Center Public Forum - YouTube]

Reporter Dick Russell, in his blog [] wrote, “when the person in charge of the National Archives' Declassification Center  (Sheryl Shenberger) was formerly employed by the CIA, perhaps we should expect no less than the current impasse. Before undertaking prior declassification chores for the Agency, Shenberger was a branch chief in the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center between 2001 and 2003.

For those of us who are convinced we've never been told the truth about the tragedy of November 22, 1963 - a day that changed the course of American history - it's time to make the government hear our voices loud-and-clear leading up to next year's 50th anniversary.”

Since the belligerent attitude of the NARA and NDC administrators must reflect that of the Archivist himself, Paul Kuntsler decided to write him an open letter, and when it went unanswered, to get his attention by holding a protest at the National Archives, which he did on October 8, Columbus Day. Joined by a few other researchers, they wore “Free the JFK Files” signs and distributed copies of Kuntsler’s open letter  [Kuntsler’s letter:  JFKcountercoup: Open Letter to Ferriero ], giving one to a mid-level NARA official who came out to meet them. Copies of the letter were sent to news papers and media outlets, none of which bothered to cover the event or publish the letter.

One of the historical researchers who did attend the demonstration, former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley, has been dueling the CIA in court over release of specific JFK assassination files. Not among the CIA records at the NARA’s JFK Collection are the operational files of former CIA officer George Joannides, whose death has not softened the CIA’s refusal to release his records or include them in the JFK Act Collection. This is so even though Joannides’ was the CIA officer responsible for the anti-Castro Cuban Student Revolutionary Directore (DRE), an anti-Castro Cuban organization the accused assassin tried to infiltrate a few months before he allegedly killed the president.

Detailing the relationship between the DRE, their CIA case officer and the accused assassin would go a long way in determining whether the assassination was the act of a lone, deranged nut or was a well planned and executed covert intelligence operation designed to shield those actually responsible.

Since the Joannides records were “not considered relevant” to the assassination and not included as part of the JFK Act records, James Lesar, at the behest of Morley, filed a FOIA suit to get them, a case that the CIA has dragged through the appeals courts for many years now. While one could speculate that if the records supported the government’s official lone-gunman, lone-nut determination regarding the assassination, then they would have no qualms about releasing them, but instead they contend these records must remain sealed for reasons of national security.

Among the documents that the CIA has released because of the court case are even more surprising, as they show that besides running the (DRE) Cuban group that had run-ins with the accused assassin, Joannides was given a special CIA assignment in 1978, to serve as CIA liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), where he obstructed the committee’s access to many of the CIA records they sought on a number of issues related to the assassination.

The former chief counsel to the committee, G. Robert Blakey, now a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, said that if he knew Joannides had been the case officer responsible for the DRE he would have had him testify under oath.

Instead, Joannides kept the HSCA from obtaining the relevant records about the Cubans, the CIA officer and the accused assassin, and the CIA is keeping them from being included in the JFK Collection and out of the public eye today.

It is not only the CIA who gets its way with NARA, the Secret Service destroyed records that were requested by the ARRB after the JFK Act was enacted, the Office of Naval Intelligence can find no relevant assassination records whatsoever from the files of its director, ever though many such documents have been found among the records of other agencies, and the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the original, unedited Air Force One radio transmission tapes.

According to the law it is the responsibility of the NARA to enforce the JFK Act, which they have failed to do, and it is the responsibility of Congress to oversee the law, which they refuse to do, as they have not held an oversight hearing on the issue in over fifteen years.[JFKCountercoup2: WHY Congress Oversight Is Needed ]

In order to rectify the situation, and get the government to enforce the law, we have written, faxed and emailed letters, asked appropriate questions at public hearings, petitioned the government and protested with pickets and flyers seeking what most American citizens want – the full release of the records, yet the agency administrators do not even acknowledge our requests and the most significant records remain sealed.

The government’s intransigence, their blatant destruction of records, their refusal to include the JFK records as part of the NDC program, to enforce the JFK Act or the President’s Executive Order, to hold mandated Congressional oversight hearings and to release the relevant records is playing politics with history, our history, our records, and we must hold them accountable for their actions.

This is the 20th anniversary of the enactment of the JFK Act, one of the most significant pieces of legislation in history, and I call on you and everyone interested in the truth about the assassination and our mutual history, to take action, any action – write a letter to the Archivist, your congressman or the President, make a phone call, post on a government web page or internet forum, sign the petition or get some friends to sign it, but do something that will help make the withheld JFK assassination records an issue.

At one time some records may have been reasonably withheld for reasons of national security, but now, fifty years after the assassination and twenty years after the enactment of the JFK Act, it is a matter of national security to release them to the public, so “the American people could draw its own conclusions as to what happened and why on that fateful day in Dallas.”

In 1962, on the twentieth anniversary of the Voice of America, President Kennedy said, “We seek a free flow of information…We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

Today, the American government is afraid of its people, afraid to enforce its own laws and afraid to allow its citizens know the complete truth about the assassination of President Kennedy.

Now, nearly fifty years after the assassination and twenty years after the enactment of the JFK Act, it is time to do something about it.

Petition | Free the JFK Files | ]


JFKcountercoup: Open Letter to Ferriero

Records Express » Retirement of Dr. Michael Kurtz

JFKcountercoup: View the third NDC Open Public Forum

JFKCountercoup2: WHY Congress Oversight Is Needed



E2B on the Presidential Election


My latest Letter-to-the-Editor (of The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley, PA)


Dear Editor,

Any middle class or less fortunate American who votes for former Governor Mitt Romney on Election Day, after he was unknowingly filmed catering to the richest 1% - stating that he will not represent 47% of the American people - should have their heads examined!  That short YouTube film tells more about this classic flip-flopping politician than anything he is coached to say on the campaign trail!

The facts are, despite constant Republican Senate interference, President Obama saved America from a second Great Depression, has gotten us out of two Republican Credit Card Wars, killed Osama bin Laden, and has us back on track to a sound economy that will continue to create jobs and finally reduce the deficit.

Listening to Republicans complain that President Obama hasn’t done it all fast enough is like listening to a bunch of fanatical pyromaniacs complaining that the brave firefighters didn’t put out their fires fast enough!

President Obama deserves to be re-elected to another four years! Let’s make sure that happens!

Thank you,





Paul Kuntzler and Bill Kelly have organized this event. COPA supports the effort. If you are able to make it to the National Archives on October 8, please join us there. John Judge



10 G. Street S.W.

Apartment No. B-218

Washington, D.C. 20024

202/484-00 (home)

202/957-007 (cell)


John F. Kennedy assassination  researchers will picket the National Archives on Constitution Avenue between Seventh and Ninth Streets, N.W. near the Visitor’s Entrance on Monday, October 8, 2012 between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon and distribute an open letter to David S. Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States.

The purpose of the picket will be to protest the decision by the National Archives not to declassify documents related to the assassination of President John Kennedy, a decision made at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The National Archives' decision is in violation of President Barack Obama' executive order of Tuesday, December 29, 2009 that "no information may remain classified indefinitely" as part of sweeping overhaul of the executive branch's system protecting classified national security information.

President Obama also established a new National Declassification Center at the National Archives to speed the process of declassifying historical documents by centralizing their review. The President set a four year deadline for processing a 400-million-page backlog of such records that originally included the JFK assassination records to be released on the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death, but later reneged on that commitment.

The October 8th picket is in protest that decision by the Archives and the continued withholding of JFK assassination records past the 50th anniversary of the assassination.



John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
PO Box 772
Washington, DC 20044


More Black Ops From Colorado?


Standing alone, this story would not have legs, but given the strange coincidence of treating the Aurora Shooting Victims, then drowning in another State, 700 miles away, is suspicious.

There are some who say that the apartment building that was wired, should have blown up, were it not for the alleged perp telling the police about the C-4.

In any event the story evaporated quickly from the front pages as soon as a possible second shooter was mentioned.







Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government

20 Aug 2012

All links are here:


Nurse Who 'Saw Everything' at Hospital After 'Batman' Shootings Found Dead at 46 18 Aug 2012 Jenny Gallagher, a nurse who treated victims of the highly suspicious 'Batman' shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, is dead at age 46. The reported cause of death: drowning. "She worked the morning after the Batman massacre in a very busy unit of the hospital - so she saw everything really, some really bad injuries," her husband Greg reportedly told Ireland's Herald earlier today... Gallagher was actually found dead ten days ago, on August 7th. Despite recent conflicting and incorrect reports about the location (multiple reports say it was in Colorado, while another says Ohio), The End Run has determined that she was actually found dead in Okoboji Lake, which is in Dickson County, Iowa, about 700 miles from her home town of Denver by car. [See also: Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' By Lori Price.]




Thank God It Is Not "Reclaiming History" - But I Still Don't Like It


Tom Hanks' New Project: JFK Indie Drama

Posted: 08/20/2012 4:51 pm

By Julie Miller, Vanity Fair





Now Tom Hanks is set to contribute his own John F. Kennedy project to the already sizable film canon dedicated to the 35th U.S. president. Produced by Hanks's Playtone production company, the indie drama will chronicle the events leading up to Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder's famous 8-mm. footage of the tragedy, and the effect that the assassination had on an ensemble cast of characters in and around Dallas. According to Variety, the characters will include an F.B.I. agent, a young doctor, a reporter, several Secret Service agents, Kennedy's staff, Oswald's older brother, Jackie Kennedy, and Zapruder. Titled Parkland -- after Parkland Memorial Hospital, where Kennedy was pronounced dead and where both his alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald's killer, Jack Ruby, died -- the film will mark the directorial debut of Peter Landesman.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Academy Award-winning documentarian Errol Morris was also considering investigating the Kennedy assassination in his next film project.


Best regards -


Ira David Wood III


website:  Theatre In The Park


Black Ops Involved in Batman Movie/Colorado Shooting

The Latest from Investigative Author Greg Palast

RNC Opens with Pol who 
"Should be in Jail"

by Greg Palast | For Truthout
Monday, August 27, 2012

"Tim Griffin should be in jail." That's the conclusion of civil rights attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after going through the evidence I asked him to review.
But Griffin's not in jail: he's in Congress. And Tuesday, he'll be the first Congressman the Republicans have chosen to bring to their convention podium.
Predictably, I haven't seen one US press report noting that in 2007, Griffin resigned from the Justice Department in disgrace, ahead of what could have been (should have been), his indictment.
Kennedy thought a couple of other characters should join Griffin in the lock-up: first, Griffin's boss, the man whom George W. Bush gave the nickname, "Turdblossom": Karl Rove.
And there's yet another odiferous blossom, Griffin's assistant at the time of the crime: Matt Rhoades. Rhoades isn't in jail either. He's the campaign director of presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

This story is based on the investigations in Palast's new book, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps - with a forward by Kennedy and comics by Ted Rall.

Kennedy had gone over the highly confidential emails we'd gotten from inside Republican National Committee headquarters i Washington. (How we got our hands on private emails from the top dogs in the Republican campaign, well, that's another story. I can say, they were sent directly from the computer of Tim Griffin. Rove, a computer expert, is careful not to have his own).

“What they did was absolutely illegal—and they knew it and they did it anyway," Kennedy told me.
What they did was called voter "caging." The RNC sent letters by the thousands to soldiers, first class, marked, "DO NOT FORWARD." When the letters were returned undelivered, the Republicans planned to use these "caged" envelopes as evidence the voters were "fraudulent"--then challenge their ballot.
A soldier mailing in his or her vote from Iraq would have that ballot disqualified -- and the soldier wouldn't even know it.
That's not just sick, it's a crime, a violation of the Voting Rights Act drafted by Kennedy's late father. And it was a crime because of whom the RNC caging crew attacked: not just any soldiers, but soldiers of color.
Running a vote-challenge operation based on racial profiling is a go-to-jail felony.
And after the soldiers, the "Turdblossom" gang targeted students at traditionally Black schools (away on summer break), homeless men and a few precincts of Jewish voters. In other words, anyone whose politics was Blue-ish.
Look for yourself. Here is one Griffin 'caging' list, targeting the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.
The emails were dated August 2004, just before the presidential election. "Caging" would cost Bush's opponent John Kerry more than one state. At the time, Rove was Senior Counselor to the President, Griffin head of "Research" at the RNC and his go-fer Rhoades director of Opposition [read "Smear"] Research.
But they did more. Rove and Griffin were up to their necks in the firing of federal prosecutors. One, the US Attorney for New Mexico, David Iglesias, told me the two illegal acts were tied together: Captain Iglesias (he's a Naval JAG), himself a Republican, said he was fired because he refused to go along with RNC demands that he arrest innocent citizens on fake charges of fraudulent registration. Iglesias was horrified at this Soviet-style tactic. "I thought I was a Jedi warrior, but it turns out I was with the Seth Lords."
So Rove had Bush fired him and seven other prosecutors, including Bud Cummins, US Attorney for Arkansas. In his place, Bush appointed ...Tim Griffin.
Things Go Better with Kochs
Griffin won't talk to me, nor will Rove nor Romney's man Rhoades about the racial caging game and the related firing of federal prosecutors.
But never mind: I have his personal emails and the testimony of Captain Iglesias. And that was enough, in 2007, for BBC to put the "caging" evidence and the real story of the prosecutor firing on the air.
By the next morning, Tim Griffin resigned his post at US Attorney for Arkansas. He was in tears.
But Tim's tears were soon wiped away -- by the Koch Brothers. In 2010, Koch interests dumped $167,183 into Tim Griffin's campaign for Congress. For $167,183, your average congressman will wash your car -- with their tongue.
Tim won the Little Rock seat, and here he is in Tampa. Despite the fact that he's an unknown freshman from an un-swing state, he's been given the extraordinary honor of speaking for the entire Republican Congressional delegation.
And now you know why: In Congress, he's Rove-bot Number One, owned and operated by Koch Industries.
Why would the Kochs do this for the disgraced Griffin? Answer: It's what Griffin does for them.
Among other favors, Griffin is the top cheerleader in the House for the XL Pipeline--whose approval is vital to the billionaire Kochs making more billions.
But wait! The Kochs don't own the XL Pipe nor the Canadian tar sands from which it comes. So why do they care?
Well, that's another story, in another chapter, "XXXL Pipeline" in Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal the Election in 9 Easy Steps, out September 18. The Author's proceeds from the book go to the not-for-profit Palast Investigative Fund for reporting on voter protection issues.
Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Armed Madhouse and Vultures' Picnic.

Palast's brand new book Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps, will be out on September 18. You can pre-order Billionaires & Ballot Bandits from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Indie Bound. Author's proceeds from the book go to the not-for-profit Palast Investigative Fund for reporting on voter protection issues.

Or donate and can get a signed copy of the book.

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Upon Reflection of the Great News



I am not saying that the film, "Truth in Music", or the video, "Operation: The Education of Tom Hanks", had anything to do with this decision - although I did send a copy of the video to Tom Hanks at Playtone and Mark Grouber, the LA investigative writer who may have had some contact with Tom Hanks in the past, has had a copy of "Truth in Music" for the past month or so - but either way, this is a great turn of events!

But while I am very happy to read this great news, I can't help but fear the film that will be made. I mean, after all, he was going to film "Reclaiming History". And anyone who believes the "lone-nut" theory is not going to stray far from that belief.

So, here is hoping that it is, as it says in the article, a film like Emilio Estevez' film, "Bobby", a film that didn't go into the "who did it and why" as much as it did "how it affected the lives of the people around the assassination".

Unfortunately, it is the best we can hope for.

I mean, Oliver Stone's great film, "JFK", has already been made.



Good News! Tom Hanks Gets Educated!


Tom Hanks’ production company Playtone set to shoot Dallas-set JFK film, ‘Parkland’ … but where?

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Outside Parkland Memorial Hospital, Jacqueline Kennedy entered the hearse bearing the body of her slain husband on Nov. 22, 1963. (Joe Laird/Staff photographer )

Five years ago came word that Tom Hanks and Fort Worth native Bill Paxton were partnering on a Kennedy assassination drama based on Vincent Bugliosi’s massive book Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, perhaps as a 10-part miniseries for HBO. As Hanks’s Playtone production partner Gary Goetzman told Variety way back when, the mini would posit that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone on November 22, 1963: “I totally believed there was a conspiracy, but after you read the book, you are almost embarrassed that you ever believed it.”

But somewhere between then and now, that project stalled — and now it appears to have been replaced altogether by another Hanks-produced Kennedy drama titled Parkland.

As Variety reported late Thursday, it will be set entirely in Dallas, document the moments leading up the killing of the president and focus in part on Abraham Zapruder, maker of the most famous of all John Kennedy assassination films. Per the trade: “Like Emilio Estevez’s Golden Globe-nominated 2006 drama Bobby, Playtone’s Parkland will be an ensemble film that explores the impact the assassination had on a wide range of characters in and around Dallas on that fateful day, including an FBI agent, a young doctor, a reporter, several Secret Service agents, Kennedy’s staff, Oswald’s older brother, Jackie Kennedy and Zapruder.”

It will be written and directed by journalist-turned-screenwriter Peter Landesman, making his debut behind the camera.

So now, the inevitable question: Will they film Parkland in Dallas? Because industry rumors are the producers are actually considering Austin, which would be … well, unfathomable. Janis Burklund, head of the Dallas Film Commission based out of Dallas City Hall, won’t address those whispers that Dallas will just be used for some exterior shots. But she certainly hopes that’s not the case.

“This is a Dallas story, and it should be told in Dallas,” she says this morning. “The city has had to bear the weight of this incident for 50 years, and to tell the story properly it should be told where it happened. We obviously have a crew here that’s done it before with Oliver Stone [on JFK] and others, and they know how to do this as well as anyone.”

If Parkland goes elsewhere, it would certainly be disappointing — especially since another locally based film, Matthew McConaughey’s Dallas Buyers Club, also appears headed elsewhere.


Message from Move On


Dear MoveOn member,

Good Morning America recently reported that the shooter in Aurora, Colorado, had an AR-15 assault rifle, which can hold upwards of 100 rounds. The last report was that more than 50 people were wounded and 12 killed. While it is true that people kill people and that guns do not shoot themselves, it is also true that this kind of mass execution would not be possible without such high-capacity weapons. How many people have to die before we ban assault weapons?

That's why I created a petition on to Congress and President Obama, which says:

Congress should reinstitute the federal ban on assault weapons.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


Ellen Davis

This petition was created on, the progressive, nonprofit petition site. is sponsored by MoveOn Civic Action, which is not responsible for the contents of this or other petitions posted on the site. Ellen Davis didn't pay us to send this email—we never rent or sell the list.

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.


Latest from COPA



Imagine the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy, November 22, 2013, at the Grassy Knoll passing without a word in the press about his assassination and who was behind it, only a celebration of his life. That is what Dallas authorities are planning now.

Every year, as you know, we hold a Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm on November 22 to commemorate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and to keep alive the knowledge and outrage about the injustice of his intentionally unsolved political murder. After our event, which continues a tradition started in 1964 by researcher and journalist Penn Jones, Jr., we speak truth to power.

We invite the best researchers to our annual meetings to present the best new evidence in the major political assassinations of the last five decades, and we encourage them to speak briefly on the Grassy Knoll. Our event is not a circus or carnival atmosphere, it is not even “conspiracy theory,” as the press commentators try to dismiss it. It is an event lest we forget.

We will be there again this year, this time on Thanksgiving Day. We invite you to join us for the conference and for the event in Dallas, from November 22-25th. We will be staying and meeting at the Hotel Lawrence this year, as in the past.


Imagine, on the 50th anniversary, when the attention of the national and international press, the crowds who come to Dallas and Dealey Plaza and the world that will be watching, that there would be no Moment of Silence. We have been applying for the permit for the last three years in anticipation of a major conference and huge crowds, and have been told repeatedly that none could be issued more than a year in advance. To our surprise a permit was then issued for the whole area of Dealey Plaza for next year for a full week in November to the Sixth Floor Museum, without an event yet planned. This permit is also exclusive of other events at the site, which ours never was.

The director of the Sixth Floor Museum said she got the permit to be “proactive” on behalf of the Mayor’s office in Dallas, which then appointed a committee to plan “dignified” events to “celebrate the life of John F. Kennedy” that week. We have attempted to coordinate with the Sixth Floor Museum only to be told that we should “move the national and international press attention to [JFK’s] death to another moment.” That would be a trick, but we all know that it will be gone at any other moment. We are also trying to coordinate with the Mayor’s commission to exercise our right of free speech in a public park that belongs to history and the American people. We want to be there to be seen and heard, to be silent and loud. We don’t want to be in a “free speech zone” a mile away where no one will hear our message.

The Director of the Sixth Floor Museum, which gives a very imbalanced view of the evidence and the history of the assassination of JFK to millions of tourists each year, told the Dallas Morning News that they had no event planned but they might do a “moment of silence”. I would suggest that if they do such an event to the exclusion of ours, it would stretch into an eternity of silence regarding this assassination.

Penn Jones wrote four volumes on the evidence and strange witness deaths in the Kennedy assassination called Forgive My Grief. Forgive ours, but some things are not forgivable and should not be forgettable. We will be there on November 22, 2013 in any case. Hope you will be with us.


We also fight to release all classified records on these murders, now decades past. Our support for the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act and the Review Board it created has led to the release of over 6.5 million pages of classified records buried since 1964, but not all of them. We have joined the call by the Committee for an Open Archives and the Assassination Archives and Research Center to expedite the release of all related files on JFK’s assassination by the 50th anniversary next year, and not in 2017 or even later. All efforts to use FOIA, Mandatory Declassification Review or even Obama’s Executive Order calling for release of files classified for over 25 years to be implemented without review have failed so far. The new agencies, created by his administration to facilitate transparency and release, have decided that the JFK records are outside their mandate. An online petition to demand release can be found at

We continue to push for introduction of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Records Act to release hundreds of thousands of pages of the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation into his death, locked up since 1978 until 2028. All their files on JFK are already released. The Clerk of the House was approached to use her authority to release these records, but their office has declined saying it needs Congressional legislation. We have a new sponsor who seems ready to drop the bill and details will follow to get support.

Our website features speakers from past conferences as well as regular news updates about political assassinations, new evidence and witnesses, legal developments, threats on the President and Secret Service response, and in-depth articles from leading researchers and academics.

Every year we gather in Dallas, and some years in Memphis, Los Angeles and New York, to present and discuss the best new evidence in the murders of Malcolm X, the Kennedy Brothers, Dr. King and others. We invite renowned legal, medical, forensic and ballistics experts, academics and noted authors, and citizen researchers whose work over the years has shed light on these crimes and rewritten our history. We make many of the presentations available by livestream on our website, but being at the event, networking, getting the latest books and resources and meeting those seeking the truth is an experience not to be missed.

This is a critical time because these assassinations are fading into history for later generations. The approaching 5th decade mark may consign active concern about the assassinations of the 60s to past history and indifference, despite widespread acceptance in the public that a conspiracy of some sort was involved, not the actions of a lone, crazed gunman. We are the ones who are left to make sure that this history is not lost and its impact on the present is made clear. November 22, 1963 marked a turning point in America and the rise of the Military Intelligence Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned of and Kennedy opposed has defined our history since. The political assassinations that day and others that followed were instrumental in destroying hope for a different future and movements for social change. All those killed had challenged militarism, war, racism and poverty, the "pillars of oppression" defined by Dr. King that still plague us today.


Imagine instead a major conference in Dallas that we have titled "50 Years is Enough!" –

with all the key researchers, authors, legal and medical/forensic experts who have broken the cases open in the past decades there to speak the truth about them, to those present and on the internet to the rest of the world. Imagine a crowd of thousands in Dealey Plaza, along with the world press, seeing our banners calling for release of records and hearing our speakers calling for justice and an independent investigation of these unsolved homicides that would hold those responsible to account and take the sordid history since to task. Imagine a future where the assassination of fairly elected leaders and purveyors of hope for social change would never again be tolerated and would demand full investigations and exposure of the forces behind them. We cannot celebrate the life of John F. Kennedy while we forget his death.

Our Dallas meeting this year will be held from November 22-25 at the Hotel Lawrence, just off Dealey Plaza. We will announce hotel reservation information and rates soon. Information on speakers and other details are being posted at our website as well. Next year we plan to hold a national conference in Dallas, and we may be doing meetings in Memphis and Los Angeles as well if there is interest.

We can't do all this without you. Since 1994, we have worked to present serious research, new evidence, force release of records, support legal challenges and forensic testing, and to keep these cases alive to the public and a new generation. We do all this with the help of a very few donors and on a tiny budget. No foundations sponsor us, and certainly no corporation or government funds. We are volunteers, no paid staff. \


This year, anticipating the need to have a major conference on the 50th anniversary, two donors have put up a challenge grant, which will match all donations made before that up to $2,000. This means a donation of any size will double for us right now and make it possible for us to be visible next year and to bring the best speakers.

Donations of $50 or more will get you a copy of a DVD set of our jam-packed 2011 conference in Dallas. $100 or more will also automatically register you for this year's conference events, a real bargain. Donations are not tax deductible. Checks can be made to COPA at P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044 or credit card donations can be made to our Paypal account from the website (

We need you. Will you join us now with your support? Will you come to Dallas this year and next? Will you stand with us on the Grassy Knoll to speak out and be visible and help get out our call for an Occupy the Grassy Knoll in 2013 (see

COPA has been a leader in this work for nearly two decades and our work is not finished yet. I hope you will contribute now to both the hope of the future and the continued visibility of the past.

Thanks for your support!

John Judge, Director

Coalition on Political Assassinations

John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
PO Box 772
Washington, DC 20044
Check out our new website:

Healdsburg International Short Film Festival

I just found out that there is a film festival in Northern California (The Healdsburg International Short Film Festival) that includes my all-time music hero, Tom Waits, and his wife, Kathleen, as judges! And it takes place September 21 - 23 - which is exactly the time (heat of the pennant race) I would love to be in the San Francisco area to go to a couple of SF Giants games! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I am sending my brand new film, "Truth in Music" (four E2B music videos with five introductory/commentary segments - all about the JFK Assassination), today!
- E2B

My all-time music hero Tom Waits to appear on Letterman and Fallon


Letterman and Fallon performances announced

It's no longer a rumor, it's official (again).

From ANTI:

Tom Waits will appear on late night television for Letterman on July 9 and Fallon on July 10. He will be talking with the hosts and giving the first live performance of songs from his latest recording, Bad As Me. Musicians joining Waits on stage include his son Casey Waits on drums, long time bassist Larry Taylor, guitarist David Hidalgo, keyboardist Augie Myers and guitarist Big Bill Morganfield.

For those who do not know him, he is simply the greatest singer-songwriter of our time.  And these appearances probably means a tour will follow!  I have had the pleasure of attending four Tom Waits concerts since 1977 (1977 and 1999 in NYC and twice in Atlanta over the past six years) and they have been the greatest concerts I have ever witnessed!

Petition to Release JFK Assassination Documents!


Researcher Bill Kelly has started a chain-petition on line at
calling for the release of the remaining still withheld JFK
assassination records by 2013.

He writes: " is different than other petitions in that every
time someone signs this petition an email is sent to the Archivist of
the United States, Cass Sunstein, the White House Information Czar who
has written a thesis belittling conspiracy theories, and Sunstein's
assistant at the White House. Previous petitions have always garnered
about 200 signatures, and we all know each other. This one must get
beyond our little universe of researchers, so I ask you to please post
the link to your Facebook page and send it around to your email list so
we can generate the kind of national momentum that we need to make this
effort successful."

The petition reads:

Two years ago the National Archives promised the American public that it
would release thousands of pages of still-secret JFK assassination
records by the end of 2013. The National Archives, at the behest of the
CIA, reneged on this promise. This is contrary to President Obama's
pledge to have the most open administration in history and makes it
impossible to have a full and open debate when the 50th anniversary of
the assassination occurs in less than two years on November 22, 2013.

      A half-century of secrecy is enough.  Free the JFK assassination
records now!

Sign here:

AARC - Assassination Archives and Research Center

COPA - Coalition on Political Assassinations

National Archives: No new JFK docs -

Obama confidant's spine-chilling proposal - Cass Sunstein -



Latest Review for the Brand New E2B film, "Truth in Music"

You are my hero! The world IS a better place because you are in it! 
Thank you for sharing your latest creative effort with me. And, thanks for giving me permission to duplicating it and sharing it with others. What is a fair price for each copy…I don't want to deprive you of hard earned effort and intellectual property. Whatever dollar amount you want for each copy that I make to give to others, I will happily mail to you as I give them out. 
What a fantastic piece of work…
I am SO glad to have met you those few years ago in Dallas. 
Carl Williams

June 10 is the 49th Anniversary of JFK's Peace Speech - Read COPA


Forty-nine years ago President John F. Kennedy called for an end to the
Cold War and an end to the nuclear arms race, and a lasting peace with
the Soviet Union based on realistic cooperation. This speech may have
been the last nail in his coffin due to its effect on the rising
Military Industrial Intelligence Complex President Eisenhower warned
about in his final address to the nation. Come out with us and
commemorate this courageous speech. Read JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim
Douglass if you have not yet done so to understand why JFK was killed.
We hold this event annually, followed by lunch and discussion with
researchers who are part of the Coalition on Political Assassinations.
We will also discuss the birth of the Museum of Hidden History. Hope to
see you there. RSVP John Judge 202-583-5347.
> "And We Are All Mortal...."
       Sunday, June 10, 12:00 pm
> 49th Anniversary Commemoration of JFK Speech
> American University
> 4800 Nebraska Ave. NW, Washington, DC
> (southwest end of Reeves football field, below radio tower)
> Friends,
> Please join us in commemorating the 49th anniversary of President John
> F. Kennedy's historic speech calling for an end to the Cold War and
> the nuclear arms race and for world peace. It was given as a
> commencement address to the graduating class at American University on
> June 10, 1963, only months before his assassination that November in
> Dallas. In our view, it was one of the causes of his death. If you
> have not read JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass, please do.
> American University installed a memorial plaque to JFK and the speech
> at the site and we meet there annually to read and commemorate the
> speech at 12:00 noon on June 10. The plaque is at the west end of the
> sports field, below the radio station tower on campus. The closest
> entrance to that point is on New Mexico Avenue, NW, to the right off
> Nebraska Ave. Following the event we usually have lunch and
> researchers discuss the assassination and upcoming COPA events. We
> hope you can join us this year.
> RSVP to

John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
PO Box 772
Washington, DC 20044

Check out our new website:

Annual meeting in Dallas in November
Hotel Lawrence - 214-761-9090 - discount room reservations
Speakers, films, books, resources, email for details


What a Story! I Met This Great Man, Abraham Bolden, at a COPA Conference in 2010


Abraham Bolden paid high price for trying to tell the truth



By Charles Hallman 

Staff Writer


After President John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Abraham Bolden the following year wanted to testify before the Warren Commission. However, he never got the chance. Instead he was convicted of bribery and said he barely escaped being committed to a mental institution for the remainder of his life.

His book, The Echo from Dealey Plaza, fully discusses his experiences as the first Black Secret Service agent at the White House and his life after he left the agency.

“You will be shocked,” he advised in an exclusive interview with the MSR. “There is a lot in there.”

Bolden was reassigned a few months before President Kennedy was killed, but he had previously warned officials that the president’s life might be in danger. Afterwards he learned from sources that what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 might have involved more than just one man.

“I wanted to go to the Warren Commission to let them know [that],” he recalled. “There were some investigations going on that weren’t being reported to the Warren Commission that I knew about myself.” This, he added, included an interception of a conversation in Miami “between two co-conspirators who were talking about assassinating the president. One of the conspirators said, ‘How do you think we can go about killing President Kennedy?’ And the other one answered, ‘We’ll use high-powered rifles from a tall building with a telescopic sight.’ This was exactly how the president was killed.

“Yet these people were not called to the Warren Commission, and I had knowledge of this,” continued Bolden, who called the group chairman and asked to testify. Bolden headed to the nation’s capitol and his scheduled appearance was on May 17, 1964, he pointed out. However, unknown to him at the time, the U.S. attorney general had instructed the commission in writing that “for the sake of the country, Lee Harvey Oswald had to be named the only assassin. I didn’t know that they were trying to make that government policy.”

As a result, his appearance put him “in big trouble” with “high administrators within the Secret Service,” admitted Bolden. “They came after me. I was going to give them information that might destroy that proposition” that Oswald was the lone assassin.

Bolden said before he was to testify, they “hustled me back on a jet back to Chicago, and kept me incognito for approximately 10 hours. I guess they were trying to figure out what to do with me because [the Secret Service] surely didn’t want me to testify to the Warren Commission.”

Later, Bolden said he was ordered by his supervisor to talk to Frank Jones, who was being investigated for counterfeiting. “I was told to talk to Frank Jones or resign. I didn’t want to talk to [him] because I had a case on him.

“Frank Jones said we discussed one thing, and I said we discussed another,” Bolden continued. “And my Secret Service boss said he never sent me over there [and] denied anything about Frank Jones.”

As a result, he was later accused of a federal crime of taking a bribe and convicted, noted Bolden. Two witnesses testified for the government, including Frank Jones. “The government dropped the case against [Jones], and he testified against me,” explained Bolden. “It was a clear set-up, and I knew what it was going to lead to.

“All they wanted was a conviction in order to try to destroy my credibility. I knew that once they convicted me, they were going to try to destroy me.”

He later served three years in federal prison, including a stint in a government psychiatric ward in an effort to declare Bolden insane — another attempt to keep him from talking, the former agent believes. While there, Bolden got into an argument with a patient.

“He was a big young European guy and he drew a 12-inch knife on me. I had a bucket of boiling hot water. When the supervisor came in, he told me to put the water down, and I told him, ‘Not before the young man puts down his knife.’ He wasn’t going to get to me with that butcher knife.”

He was subsequently held in solitary confinement and forced to take a psychotropic drug: “I told them I wasn’t taking any medication, and they said, ‘You are going to take the medication or we are going to shoot it in your as**’ They forced me to take these drugs for about 10 days.

“They had me scheduled to go before the psychologist committee,” said Bolden, but added that the center’s chief parole officer had taken his own life after attacking his wife. “He was going to sign a statement that would have committed me into the insane asylum for the rest of my life,” noted Bolden, who learned later that the officer “hung himself and committed suicide.

“I went before the committee, and it lasted about five minutes,” and then he was returned to the regular prison population.

His faith sustained him throughout the ordeal, said Bolden. “God doesn’t like ugly. That was His intervention. It really moved me to understand that I was under divine protection. I made a vow…that if He delivers me from this, I belong to Him for now on.”

Bolden was paroled in September 1969 and began a 35-year career in quality control supervisory positions. He has been honored over the years for his work in justice and equity. He says his phone has been tapped “a couple of times” over the years.

“I think they fear that I have some information that I haven’t divulged, which I probably do [have],” proclaimed Bolden, joking that this probably has kept him safe over the years. “I make them protect me, too. They don’t want me to stub my toe.”

Bolden lives a quiet life today, a widower and father of three children and grandfather of two. He simply advises everyone “to believe in the power and the mercy of God. I always pray for mercy. You can’t lose with good.”


Charles Hallman welcomes reader responses to challman@spokes


Russ Baker Article about the Government keeping the truth about the JFK Assassination Secret

QUICK TAKES | news & newsmaking broken down, with added nutrients

Is the Government Holding Back Crucial Documents?

Next year will be a half-century since the death of JFK. And the Obama Administration thinks we need to keep secret the records on the matter….a little longer yet.

Believe it or not, more than 50,000 pages of JFK assassination-related documents are being withheld in full. And an untold number of documents have been partially withheld, or released with everything interesting blacked out. But why?

Since the government and the big media keep telling us there was no conspiracy, and that it was all Lee Harvey Oswald acting on his own, why continue to keep the wraps on?

We don’t have an answer, but in understanding this and any number of other mysteries, we can begin looking for patterns in the way the administration handles information policy.

We Want to Hear From You (But That’s It—We Just Want to Hear From You)

Earlier this year, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) asked, on its online Open Government Forum, for suggestions from the public about what it could do to create greater transparency. The #1 most popular idea? Get those Kennedy records out—before Nov. 22, 2013, the fiftieth anniversary of the Dallas tragedy.

But instead of dealing honestly with this matter, the feds have resorted to disinformation. In an interview with the Boston Globe, the Archivist of the United States claimed that at two public forums held on open records, the most public comments came from people interested either in the JFK assassination or….in UFOs.

Except for one thing: James Lesar, an attorney and co-founder of the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC), a DC-based nonprofit that has fought a long and valiant fight on behalf of the public interest in disclosure, attended both of those forums and says that as he recalls there were no people there asking about UFOs, or that at most it was of negligible interest. In fact, a look at NARA’s online idea forum (now closed) showed no UFO proposals or comments.

So, what’s with claiming otherwise? One could be excused for seeing in the Archivist’s statement a deliberate, and unworthy, attempt to smear the legitimacy of JFK inquiries by trying to make them appear “kooky.” (Not to judge the merits of the idea that there could be life elsewhere in the Universe, but the term “UFO conspiracist” is a well-worn dysphemism.)

Here’s what actually happened at the NARA forums.

The first was held in 2010. The assistant archivist, Michael Kurtz, said that withheld JFK assassination records would be processed, along with other documents, for declassification—and that the process should be completed by the end of 2013.

But by 2011, Kurtz, who had been at NARA for decades, had retired. At the 2011 forum, Jim Lesar was told that JFK assassination records are not part of the declassification process. Hence, they will not be reviewed for release.

Huh? What Happened

For some perspective, meet Sheryl Shenberger. She’s the head of the Archives’ National Declassification Center. What would you guess Sheryl’s professional background would be? Library of Congress? Academic research? Nope. Before NDC, Sheryl worked for….the Central Intelligence Agency.

The most logical and reasonable explanation for this is that the Obama administration placed an ex-spook in charge of declassification because this would induce her old colleagues in Langley to cooperate. (Which of course raises the question of whether, in a real democracy, you would want to have a bunch of people secretly deciding to do whatever they wanted with 50-year-old documents pertaining to a supposed loony loner who whacked a president.)

Frustrated by the administration’s foot-dragging on JFK, AARC sent a letter urging the government to get off its duff. One signer was G. Robert Blakey, who served as a Chief Counsel to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (which in its 1978 final report said that, um…it looks like an organized conspiracy was responsible for JFK’s death.)

ARRC’s letter was dated January 20, 2012. According to Lesar, there has still been no reply—though NARA says it is working on it.

Release of the remaining documents, under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, can be postponed until October 26, 2017. Not so bad, you say? Actually, the Act further states that even in 2017, the president may decide to drag this on further, by withholding records indefinitely.

Records activists expect the CIA to petition for just such a decision.  Any bets on President Hillary or President Mitt—or, quite possibly, President Jeb Bush, doing the right thing? With all the secrets Jeb’s father has to hide?

Playing Games with Numbers

One of the problems is that we’re being asked to trust these folks at all. Even the number of documents being withheld—50,000—is a guess. At the 2010 public forum, Asst. Archivist Kurtz said that only about one percent of the five million pages had been withheld. Now the government is likely to say the number is even smaller. But think about it: what would they withhold, except the stuff that really tells us something important? So whether it is 50,000 or 500 documents, it appears that government officials are hiding something, and they’re not about to give it up.

One of the many wonderful spook tricks is to designate files as “Not Believed Relevant.” Among those so designated when the House Assassinations Committee investigated in the 1970s, we later learned, were files on the Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko. He had claimed to have been in charge of the KGB’s Oswald files; and on the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a CIA front group set up by the ubiquitous master planner E. Howard Hunt that was connected in multiple ways to the Oswald story.

“Not Believed Relevant”? We’ll take one of each of those documents, please.


Amazingly, the CIA under George W. Bush may turn out to be more compliant than Obama’s “open government” advocates. In 2004, on Bush’s watch, the Agency voluntarily agreed to accelerate the release of postponed JFK assassination documents, and did indeed release some early. 

By contrast, in the spring of 2012, three DC attorneys with long experience in litigating Freedom of Information cases expressed their disappointment with Obama in an opinion piece. They noted that the Department of Justice under Eric Holder seems willing to go to bat for any and every agency and department that wants to withhold information.

Open Government Plans….So Where’s the Open Government?

On his first day in office, President Obama signed a government-wide directive–widely reported by the media—establishing a whole new level of commitment to openness and transparency. The administration has made some real strides. But arguably not on the most sensitive—and hence most important—matters.

On April 9, federal agencies were supposed to post updates to their Open Government Plans, this according to Cass Sunstein, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, writing on the White House blog. Some agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, did so. But others, such as the Department of Labor, did not—and still have not. NARA is one of those that has not complied.

As the expression goes, sunshine is the best disinfectant. Opening up the nooks and crannies of government to public view was supposed to aid the process of discovering and rooting out the rot. This would, we were assured, help return Washington to the people. Obama selected Sunstein, a Harvard professor and old friend, to oversee this effort.

Not long ago, when I asked to discuss this with Sunstein, I was told he was “not available” for interviews.

Here’s the exchange:

From: Russ Baker
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:12 PM
To: Sunstein, Cass R.
Subject: interview request

Mr. Sunstein, wonder if I might be able to do a phone interview with you about Open Records policy?

From: Strom, Shayna L.
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:25 PM
To: Russ Baker
Subject: FW: interview request

Unfortunately, Administrator Sunstein is unavailable for an interview.  That said, you might try the Archivist of the United States at NARA?  Best of luck!



From: Russ Baker
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:33 PM
To: Strom, Shayna L.
Subject: RE: interview request

Is he generally unavailable for interviews? What is the policy on that? Seems relevant given that this is about open government.

From: Strom, Shayna L.
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 5:00 PM
To: Russ Baker
Cc: Mack, Moira K.
Subject: RE: interview request

No, he’s not generally unavailable—but the Archivist is intimately involved in one of our big open government initiatives (records modernization), so he’s just a particularly good person to speak to on this.

So the person in charge of the overall governmental effort on open records wants me to talk to the person running one of the agencies that is….having difficulties complying with the spirit if not letter of Obama’s announcement.

No Mr. Sunshine, That Mr. Sunstein

Actually, Sunstein has good reason to lay low. Watch this slightly raw video of someone confronting him about a paper he wrote a few years ago. In it, he actually advocated “cognitive infiltration” of groups that espouse alternative views on controversial issues like the events of Sept. 11, i. e, conspiracy theories.

Here’s a quote from Sunstein’s paper:

[W]e suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of those who subscribe to such theories. They do so by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.

Sunstein is a sort of caricature of everything people don’t like and don’t trust about government. The fact that he’s in charge of “open government” speaks volumes.

Apparently not a great enthusiast for the Freedom of Information Act, Sunstein has said that judges are not qualified to second-guess executive branch decisions on what the public should or should not be told.

In light of this record, it’s useful to consider Sunstein’s broader mandate: to make government more efficient and accountable. Releasing records involves, in part, cutting red tape. Another aspect of cutting red tape is getting rid of bureaucracy. And that’s where things get even more interesting. Under cover of making government more accountable, Sunstein gets to push for elimination of regulations that corporations find onerous. Here’s a Washington Post article on Sunstein holding up (for more than a year) food safety legislation that the industry doesn’t like.

What’s going on here? Why the seeming shift away from Obama’s initial commitment to openness? One attorney involved with these matters says he suspects this may be traceable to Obama’s order, shortly after he took office, to release many of the so-called “torture memos.” The President seemed taken aback by vociferous public demands that he prosecute the torturers—a perilous policy due to internal resistance—and quickly shifted to favoring the intelligence community and restricting disclosure. As the attorney points out, the broader concept—that transparency leads to public awareness which in turn leads to demands for political changes—certainly does not sit well with dominant sectors in this country. Obama has hardly distinguished himself for seriously taking on those sectors. Maybe because he doesn’t want to, maybe because…he can’t. (For more on this, see our 2010 piece, “What Obama is Up Against.”)


NARA is now saying that the White House gave “small agencies” (meaning NARA) a June deadline for publishing its revised open government plan. But no White House postings support that claim. In any case, even if and when NARA becomes more responsive, don’t bet on the government releasing the most valuable JFK-related documents…in your lifetime.

By the way, here’s more on the new head of the Archives’ declassification center: “Ms. Shenberger served as a Branch Chief in the CIA Counter Terrorism Center between 2001 and 2003…” before being assigned declassification work for the Agency.

That’s very interesting—since one gets the sense that the Agency is not eager to release inside dope on the government’s astounding failures relating to one particular date in 2001.

# #


COPA's John Judge Tells About News Reporters Who Benefited from the JFK Assassination


UPI's Merriman Smith reported three shots in a call from the press bus, then yanked the phone out so no other reporters could file. He went from there to become the White House reporter for UPI and was known as "Thank you, Mr. President" Smith for being so obsequious. He killed himself. Two other reporters called in three shots and rose to national news prominence. One was Bill Moyers, who later said he ran off the bus and into Lee Harvey Oswald on the steps of the Book Depository, who pointed him to a pay phone inside. Moyers had arranged the advance work as JFK's press secretary, using the Sol Bloom ad agency and Jack Pewterbaugh and Elizabeth Forsling for PR.

Those two met with Forest Sorrels of the FBI and Secret Service agent Wang at a "private oil club" (Governor Connally's most likely, who also was part of the trip planning and changed the location of the talk to the Trade Mart from a downtown site) about 48 hours before the assassination. There, they changed the motorcade route to make the double turn onto Houston and Elm against procedure, and Forsling suggested leaving the bubble top off the car. She later formed Ms. Magazine with CIA operative Gloria Steinem.

Sol Bloom agency subcontracted their photo equipment to military contractor Jagger Chiles Stovall in Ft. Worth and allowed their top photo enlargement and reduction specialist to view photos from U-2 flights and other NRO reconnaissance. Some of those photos led to the Cuban Missile Crisis since they revealed the presence of nuclear missiles. The photo expert in those years was Lee Harvey Oswald. Another "three shot" wonder that day was Robert McNeill, of the McNeill Lehrer report, whose career advanced immediately. Forsling went on to marry Leon Harris, owner of the leading department store in Dallas, who himself wrote a piece on "Three Widows" about Mrs. Tippet, Marina Oswald, and Jackie Kennedy in the Saturday Evening Post.

Proceeds went to the first two to keep them quiet. The press was both incompetent and in some cases treacherous in these matters. Dan Rather, a Dallas TV newsman at the time, made his way to the top by reporting that the Zapruder film he had seen that day showed that "the head went forward with considerable force" when the fatal shot hit JFK. Millions watching the same film gasped on first view at the rapid and forceful backward motion of JFK's head and body when the film finally was seen by the public instead of the government and the press years later. Rather, when confronted, said it was "an honest mistake." I wonder what a dishonest mistake would have been, but I know the consequences for certain careers for making them. JJ


Courtesy of John Judge, COPA






"And We Are All Mortal...."
49th Anniversary Commemoration of JFK Speech
American University
4800 Nebraska Ave. NW, Washington, DC
(southwest end of Reeves football field, below radio tower)

Please join us in commemorating the 49th anniversary of President John
F. Kennedy's historic speech calling for an end to the Cold War and the
nuclear arms race and for world peace. It was given as a commencement
address to the graduating class at American University on June 10, 1963,
only months before his assassination that November in Dallas. In our
view, it was one of the causes of his death. If you have not read JFK
and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass, please do.

American University installed a memorial plaque to JFK and the speech at
the site and we meet there annually to read and commemorate the speech
at 12:00 noon on June 10. The plaque is at the west end of the sports
field, below the radio station tower on campus. The closest entrance to
that point is on New Mexico Avenue, NW, to the right off Nebraska Ave.
Following the event we usually have lunch and researchers discuss the
assassination and upcoming COPA events. We hope you can join us this year. RSVP to

John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
PO Box 772
Washington, DC 20044

Check out our new website:

Annual meeting in Dallas in November
Hotel Lawrence - 214-761-9090 - discount room reservations Speakers, films, books, resources, email for details

National organization of medical and ballistic experts, academics and authors, researchers and interested individuals investigating major political assassinations in America and abroad. Responsible for creation and implementation of the JFK Assassination Records Act. Promoting a Martin Luther King Records Act and a grand jury process to reopen all the major assassinations.

We are not allergic to donations, donations NOT tax deductible. DVD set of last year's COPA meeting in Dallas for any donation of $50 or more.


Secret Service also Partied in Dallas the night before the JFK Assassination


DALLAS - It's a part of the Kennedy assassination many people don't know about.
On the night before President John F. Kennedy was killed, 10 members of his Secret Service detail were partying at a Fort Worth club called The Cellar.

Farris Rookstool is a former FBI analyst, who served as custodian of the John F. Kennedy assassination files.

"Nine out of the 10 had consumed alcohol, [of] which four of those agents were also assigned PPD, or presidential protection detail, in the follow up car behind President Kennedy’s motorcade," Rookstool said.

In sworn statements, the agents admit to drinking on the night before the death of President Kennedy. The documents state that some the agents left their post at the Texas Hotel to party with waitresses at The Cellar, who served drinks wearing only their underwear.

Some of agents didn't get back to their rooms until five the next morning.

"Some of these agents that were out until five in the morning, that were supposed to be guarding the president's suite, bragged to the owner of The Cellar, Pat Kirkswood, that they were out having a few cocktails while they got the Fort Worth Fire Department guarding the presidential suite," Rookstool said.

He said among those drinking was Agent Clint Hill, who you see running to the back of the presidential car and being helped by Jaqueline Kennedy after her husband had been shot.

"Reaching the rear end of the car, Clint blamed himself," Rookstool said. "Not based on the alcohol, but the fact is, had he gotten to the back deck of the car, he was hoping to shield the first lady as well as perhaps the President.”

The Secret Service investigated the agents, but found that the drinking did not impair them or slow down their reactions when the President was shot. None of the agents were disciplined or fired.
"The Warren commission was very upset when they found out," Rookstool said.
Now, nearly 50 years later, a similar investigation is shaking the secret service.




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New E2B Film, "Truth in Music" Complete - Trailer to be filmed Today!


A busy day ahead: the brand new E2B film, "Truth in Music", is now complete and ready for shipment to COPA for a November showing in Dallas, local film festivals - and maybe not-so-local film festivals - in the near future, and to anyone who would like to order a copy of the DVD!

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The commercial trailer for the new E2B movie will be filmed today - and placed on YouTube and right here on this website later this week! And then later this evening, back to PA for a live show tonight!

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Brand New E2B Film, "Truth in Music" Almost Ready for Release!

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday and into very late last night (early, early morning), Guy the Music Genius and I made great progress on the Brand New E2B Film that we are working on, now titled, "Et2Brute, Inc Presents: The E2B/JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary Film, 'Truth in Music'"! One more viewing and one final bit of last-minute editing - and then the very first official copy goes to the #1 E2B
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Brand New: "E2B/JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary DVD Set" - Coming Soon!


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Truth in Music continues!

And eventually, The Truth Becomes Folklore!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

My latest article - written and sent to the editor of "The Morning Call" of PA


“Your Views/Town Square”                                                                                                                                                                  

January 5, 2012


After World War II, at the very beginning of the Cold War, President Harry S. Truman allowed OSS intelligence leader Allen Dulles to mold the newly created Central Intelligence Agency – an agency that was formed “to keep the president promptly and fully informed” - but one that became an agency that fought communism, assassinated foreign leaders, worked to change foreign governments, and disrupt economies of nations that were viewed to be “enemies of the USA”. 

In addition, the CIA was given “plausible deniability” - so the agency would be able to accomplish its assignments without anyone taking the blame if anything went wrong - and so the agency would answer to no one.

12 years later, on January 17, 1961, out-going President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his farewell address.  During the speech, he warned the people of the United States about the dangers that the new “Military-Industrial Complex” presented to us – in that, this new massive military force and its vendors with a never-ending profit motive had ingratiated itself into every state of the union.

Two and a half years later, on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 

Thousands of independent JFK assassination researchers throughout the world believe that the CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex were behind the assassination – and with very good reason.

The reasons the majority of the JFK assassination researchers are convinced that the CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex assassinated President Kennedy at the height of the Cold War include the following:

  1. JFK refused to give air support during the CIA-inspired Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in 1961 (in fact, due to receiving faulty CIA intelligence prior to the invasion, he fired Director Allen Dulles – as well as the next two in command at the CIA - and stated that he would like to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”);
  2. JFK also refused to bomb Cuba in 1962 during the Missile Crisis – and rather than follow the advice of his Pentagon advisers to do so - he made a secret deal with Premier Nikita Khrushchev of the USSR to remove our missiles from Turkey in exchange for them removing their missiles from Cuba;
  3. JFK gave his June 10, 1963 “Peace Speech” at the American University  graduation ceremony – during which he advocated an end to the Cold War;
  4. JFK then initiated a nuclear test ban treaty with the USSR;
  5. JFK also attempted  to initiate a détente with Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba;  
  6. JFK was about to withdraw all 13,500 CIA “advisers” out of Vietnam (by the end of 1965) prior to it becoming the war that it became almost immediately after his death.

In short, President Kennedy was trying to end the Cold War.  The CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex were trying to win it.  And, as a result, they viewed him as a traitor to their cause.

A few days after the assassination, President Johnson created the Warren Commission and placed former CIA Director Allen Dulles – the same person JFK fired - on it.  Dulles became the only Warren Commission member to participate on a daily basis.  His self-serving mantra that we don’t have conspiracies here in the USA – only lone nut assassins - was repeated time and again to the other members of the Commission.

A short time after the Warren Commission handed in their inaccurate report, Johnson escalated the Vietnam conflict into a war that included the participation of more than 500,000 American soldiers – with more than 58,000 American casualties.

One month to the day after Kennedy was assassinated, President Truman wrote a letter to the Washington Post stating that he was “disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment to keep the President promptly and fully informed” and had become “an operational and at times policy-making arm of the government.”  It had also become involved in domestic operations that they were not created to become involved in - and he believed that the purpose of the CIA should be re-evaluated.  That was never done.

As a result of the JFK assassination, no president since President Kennedy has attempted to ignore the advice of his military advisers and/or the CIA.  Meanwhile, the Military-Industrial Complex (that President Eisenhower warned us about) and the CIA (that President Truman later regretted forming) have done nothing but gotten stronger and more independent.  

In conclusion, I believe that unless the budgets for the CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex are drastically reduced and closely monitored, we are doomed to repeat the same costly mistakes of the past 50+ years – because we will never have another president as courageous as President John F. Kennedy, the last president who dared to defy the “powers to be”.


First E2B Blog on New Website: Petition for a Great Man! Please sign!



I met Abraham Bolden at a COPA Conference a couple of years ago.  I signed this petition today and I urge you to do the same!


Thank you,


The following petition has been started at:

Please consider signing it in support of former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden who threatened to expose the Chicago plot to kill President Kennedy in 1963.

Abraham Bolden:Imprisoned for Following the Oath
Published February 12, 2011

To the President of These United States of America
The Honorable Barack H. Obama

The undersigned hereby petitions the President of the United States of America to expunge, pardon or take other executive action that will clear the record of conviction of Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. In support of this petition, we submit the following:

Abraham Bolden is an African American and was born to Daniel and Ophelia Bolden in East St. Louis , Illinois on January 19, 1935. He attended Lincoln High School and, upon graduation, entered Lincoln University in Jefferson City , Missouri . Later, Bolden married his long time friend and schoolmate, Barbara L. Hardy (Bolden) to whom he was married for 49 years prior to her death. To that marriage were born 3 children, Ahvia Maria Bolden (Reynolds), Abraham Bolden Jr., and Dr. Daaim Shabazz . Bolden has two grandchildren, Ismail and Cydni Bolden.

Bolden attended public schools in East St. Louis , Illinois and was graduated from Lincoln High School in June, 1952. Because of his proficiency in playing the trumpet, he received a scholarship to Lincoln University in Jefferson City , Missouri and was graduated “cum Laude” in June of 1956 with a BA in Music Composition.

After graduating from Lincoln University , Bolden decided to enter the field of law enforcement. He subsequently became the first African American Detective to be employed by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. After leaving the detective agency, he served as a State Highway Patrolman in the State of Illinois . Continuing to advance in the field of police work, Bolden became a member of the United States Secret Service in October 1960.

Bolden met President John F. Kennedy in Chicago , Illinois and, after a brief conversation with Bolden, President Kennedy was instrumental in making Bolden the first African American to be assigned to the Secret Service White House Detail in Washington , D.C. in June of 1961.

Bolden traveled with the President; but he became disenchanted with the assignment when some of his fellow agents used racial slurs in his presence and engaged in a pattern of conduct that, in Bolden's professional opinion, endangered the life of President John F. Kennedy. Bolden was very vocal in his criticism of the protective detail first discussing the matter of the laxity and misconduct of the President’s security with the then Chief of the United States Secret Service U.E. Baughman. Bolden further complained above the unprofessional activities of the detail with his immediate superiors in Chicago , Illinois .

After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and after having previously discussed his complaints of secret service misconduct with the Chief of the U.S. Secret Service and his immediate superiors in Chicago to no avail, Bolden was intent upon bringing information concerning the President’s lack of proper security to officials of the Warren Commission who were investigating the President’s death. On May 18, 1964, while attending Secret Service School , Bolden was whisked out of Washington , D.C. under a pretext, returned to Chicago whereupon he was denied a request for representation by an attorney and hastily arrested by high administrators within the secret service who charged Bolden with the commission of a federal crime.

Bolden endured two federal criminal trials within a period of less then two months in the Federal District Court in Chicago , Illinois . At the end of the first trial, during the deliberation of the jury, the trial judge stated to the jury that in his opinion, the evidence sustained a verdict of guilty on all counts of the indictment. The trial judge then prompted the jury to continue deliberation taking the judge’s opinion into consideration. That trial ended when the jury, in spite of the judge’s prejudicial remarks, was unable to reach a verdict. (See United States vs. Bolden, 64CR324 and Fed. 2nd 453)

Bolden’s second trial was conducted before the same trial judge who denied a motion for a substitution of judge and a change of venue. At the conclusion of the second trial on August 11, 1964, at the judge’s instigation and acquiescence, Bolden and his attorney, and other non government employed spectators, were locked out of the court building during the deliberation of the jury. During the forced absence of Bolden from the trial procedures, a verdict of guilty was returned.

The case against Bolden began to fall apart when one of the witnesses, Joseph Spagnoli, who testified against Bolden, confessed that he and another witness, Frank William Jones, concocted and fabricated the criminal case against Bolden with the help of an Assistant United States Attorney. In spite of Spagnoli’s confession and documentary evidence tending to support Spagnoli’s accusation, the government refused to deny the charges levied by Spagnoli. When questioned before a three judge panel during oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals concerning Spagnoli’s assertions made under oath in open court, the accused assistant government attorney refused to answer the question of the subornation of perjury and availed himself of his fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. Notwithstanding, Bolden was sent away to the penitentiary.

Bolden was subsequently sent to the prison camp at the Springfield Medical Center for Federal Prisoners. Following a disagreement with one of the psychiatric patients, Bolden was held in solitary confinement, in the psychiatric ward against his will and without the mandatory court order regarding inmate medical treatment. He was forced to ingest psychotropic drugs. The effort to declare Bolden insane was unsuccessful and Bolden was paroled in September of 1969 after serving three years and three months in federal confinement.

After being released from prison, Bolden established himself as a master at quality control administrative procedures in various machining and metal fabricating companies in Chicago . He retired after serving 35 years in quality control supervisory positions.

For his tireless efforts in the pursuit of justice and equity before the law, Bolden has been the recipient of the 2008 Scottish Hugo’s Companion Tankard Award for Courage, the 2008 African American Arts Alliance Award for Excellence, the 2008 Alpha Phi Alpha Award for Courage. He has been cited by the National Urban League as one of America ’s Outstanding Black Men.

He now lives in Chicago , Illinois where he has been a resident for the past 47 years.

The undersigned believes that the above circumstances of injustice and a lack of due process in obtaining a conviction of Bolden cry out for executive action that will remedy the sufferings of Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. He has been a model citizen since his release from federal confinement on September 25, 1969 and it is now time that his human rights as an American citizen be completely restored. Executive action by the President of These United States of America is his last resort. We pray that such action will be forthcoming.

John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
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Washington, DC 20044
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