E2B on the Presidential Election

My latest Letter-to-the-Editor (of The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley, PA)


Dear Editor,

Any middle class or less fortunate American who votes for former Governor Mitt Romney on Election Day, after he was unknowingly filmed catering to the richest 1% - stating that he will not represent 47% of the American people - should have their heads examined!  That short YouTube film tells more about this classic flip-flopping politician than anything he is coached to say on the campaign trail!

The facts are, despite constant Republican Senate interference, President Obama saved America from a second Great Depression, has gotten us out of two Republican Credit Card Wars, killed Osama bin Laden, and has us back on track to a sound economy that will continue to create jobs and finally reduce the deficit.

Listening to Republicans complain that President Obama hasn’t done it all fast enough is like listening to a bunch of fanatical pyromaniacs complaining that the brave firefighters didn’t put out their fires fast enough!

President Obama deserves to be re-elected to another four years! Let’s make sure that happens!

Thank you,