June 10 is the 49th Anniversary of JFK's Peace Speech - Read COPA

Forty-nine years ago President John F. Kennedy called for an end to the
Cold War and an end to the nuclear arms race, and a lasting peace with
the Soviet Union based on realistic cooperation. This speech may have
been the last nail in his coffin due to its effect on the rising
Military Industrial Intelligence Complex President Eisenhower warned
about in his final address to the nation. Come out with us and
commemorate this courageous speech. Read JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim
Douglass if you have not yet done so to understand why JFK was killed.
We hold this event annually, followed by lunch and discussion with
researchers who are part of the Coalition on Political Assassinations.
We will also discuss the birth of the Museum of Hidden History. Hope to
see you there. RSVP John Judge 202-583-5347.
> "And We Are All Mortal...."
       Sunday, June 10, 12:00 pm
> 49th Anniversary Commemoration of JFK Speech
> American University
> 4800 Nebraska Ave. NW, Washington, DC
> (southwest end of Reeves football field, below radio tower)
> Friends,
> Please join us in commemorating the 49th anniversary of President John
> F. Kennedy's historic speech calling for an end to the Cold War and
> the nuclear arms race and for world peace. It was given as a
> commencement address to the graduating class at American University on
> June 10, 1963, only months before his assassination that November in
> Dallas. In our view, it was one of the causes of his death. If you
> have not read JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass, please do.
> American University installed a memorial plaque to JFK and the speech
> at the site and we meet there annually to read and commemorate the
> speech at 12:00 noon on June 10. The plaque is at the west end of the
> sports field, below the radio station tower on campus. The closest
> entrance to that point is on New Mexico Avenue, NW, to the right off
> Nebraska Ave. Following the event we usually have lunch and
> researchers discuss the assassination and upcoming COPA events. We
> hope you can join us this year.
> RSVP to copa@starpower.net

John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
PO Box 772
Washington, DC 20044

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