More Black Ops From Colorado?

Standing alone, this story would not have legs, but given the strange coincidence of treating the Aurora Shooting Victims, then drowning in another State, 700 miles away, is suspicious.

There are some who say that the apartment building that was wired, should have blown up, were it not for the alleged perp telling the police about the C-4.

In any event the story evaporated quickly from the front pages as soon as a possible second shooter was mentioned.







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20 Aug 2012

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Nurse Who 'Saw Everything' at Hospital After 'Batman' Shootings Found Dead at 46 18 Aug 2012 Jenny Gallagher, a nurse who treated victims of the highly suspicious 'Batman' shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, is dead at age 46. The reported cause of death: drowning. "She worked the morning after the Batman massacre in a very busy unit of the hospital - so she saw everything really, some really bad injuries," her husband Greg reportedly told Ireland's Herald earlier today... Gallagher was actually found dead ten days ago, on August 7th. Despite recent conflicting and incorrect reports about the location (multiple reports say it was in Colorado, while another says Ohio), The End Run has determined that she was actually found dead in Okoboji Lake, which is in Dickson County, Iowa, about 700 miles from her home town of Denver by car. [See also: Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' By Lori Price.]