New "LIVE" E2B Song added to the film "Truth in Music"


In response to the recent disturbing (but not surprising) news that Tom Hanks' JFK Assassination film, "Parkland", is going to be based on the Vincent Bugliosi book, "Reclaiming History", after all, I was inspired to write the lyrics and melody to a new song - and drove to my music partner, Guy (The Conspiracy) Segroves' house/studio for the first time in almost four months - and recorded/filmed a brand new live acoustic E2B song titled "Black and White (Blind to the Light of the Truth)".

We have added it to the end of our "Truth in Music" film as a new "Epilogue" bonus segment. Basically, unlike the majority of the film, which contains four music videos and five intro speaking parts, the new "Epilogue" segment includes me explaining what Mr. Hanks has decided to do, Guy playing his acoustic guitar beautifully and the two of us singing the new song "live".

I am very happy with the way it came out and, although I am constantly making slight changes (what the hell, the 50th Anniversary is still a year away and things always continue to happen/change), the very final version of "Truth in Music" may finally be completed and ready to send out for general public consumption (so to speak)!
Thank you,