Petition to Release JFK Assassination Documents!

Researcher Bill Kelly has started a chain-petition on line at
calling for the release of the remaining still withheld JFK
assassination records by 2013.

He writes: " is different than other petitions in that every
time someone signs this petition an email is sent to the Archivist of
the United States, Cass Sunstein, the White House Information Czar who
has written a thesis belittling conspiracy theories, and Sunstein's
assistant at the White House. Previous petitions have always garnered
about 200 signatures, and we all know each other. This one must get
beyond our little universe of researchers, so I ask you to please post
the link to your Facebook page and send it around to your email list so
we can generate the kind of national momentum that we need to make this
effort successful."

The petition reads:

Two years ago the National Archives promised the American public that it
would release thousands of pages of still-secret JFK assassination
records by the end of 2013. The National Archives, at the behest of the
CIA, reneged on this promise. This is contrary to President Obama's
pledge to have the most open administration in history and makes it
impossible to have a full and open debate when the 50th anniversary of
the assassination occurs in less than two years on November 22, 2013.

      A half-century of secrecy is enough.  Free the JFK assassination
records now!

Sign here:

AARC - Assassination Archives and Research Center

COPA - Coalition on Political Assassinations

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