Upon Reflection of the Great News


I am not saying that the film, "Truth in Music", or the video, "Operation: The Education of Tom Hanks", had anything to do with this decision - although I did send a copy of the video to Tom Hanks at Playtone and Mark Grouber, the LA investigative writer who may have had some contact with Tom Hanks in the past, has had a copy of "Truth in Music" for the past month or so - but either way, this is a great turn of events!

But while I am very happy to read this great news, I can't help but fear the film that will be made. I mean, after all, he was going to film "Reclaiming History". And anyone who believes the "lone-nut" theory is not going to stray far from that belief.

So, here is hoping that it is, as it says in the article, a film like Emilio Estevez' film, "Bobby", a film that didn't go into the "who did it and why" as much as it did "how it affected the lives of the people around the assassination".

Unfortunately, it is the best we can hope for.

I mean, Oliver Stone's great film, "JFK", has already been made.