You are my hero! The world IS a better place because you are in it! 
Thank you for sharing your latest creative effort with me. And, thanks for giving me permission to duplicating it and sharing it with others. What is a fair price for each copy…I don't want to deprive you of hard earned effort and intellectual property. Whatever dollar amount you want for each copy that I make to give to others, I will happily mail to you as I give them out. 
What a fantastic piece of work…
I am SO glad to have met you those few years ago in Dallas. 

Carl Williams

#1 Fan from Nebraska Review

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! This video is the most awesome thing ever!! It is put together very nicely!!!! Great information and presented in an understandable way for the "new" generation of researchers!!! I love the whole thing, especially when you bust a move at the end of "Ike Warned Us." :) :) :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE IT!! :) :) :)

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