Please see below to order the E2B/JFK 50th Anniversary Assassination Film, "Truth in Music" - and the CD soundtrack, "...And Nothing But the Truth"!




"TRUTH IN MUSIC", the critically-acclaimed ET2BRUTE AND THE CONSPIRACY 38-minute JFK ASSASSINATION 50TH ANNIVERSARY Music Video/Documentary Film includes: Four E2B Music Videos, Five Introductory Segments (by Et2Brute himself) and a LIVE Et2Brute and the Conspiracy Epilogue Song! 

And, the Soundtrack CD, "...AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH", includes 7 great songs from the film - plus 4 Bonus Songs!

"An Entertaining and Educational History Experience that you will want to watch and listen to - and have your family and friends watch and listen to - over and over again!" - Et2Brute fans who purchased the set in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX on 11/22/13.

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